Dry Ridge

Dry Ridge is another major ridgeline of the Peale Mountains. It is located east of Georgetown, Idaho.  It is bounded on the west by Dry Valley and Schmid Ridge and on the east by Freeman Ridge. There are 9 ranked summits crowning the ridge. Hawks Peak (9,979 feet) is the highest point on the ridge. Dry Ridge (8,975 feet) is the highest point on the ridges’ north end. The ridge is managed by the Caribou National Forest.

South access is from Georgetown, Idaho via Georgetown Canyon Road [(A)(3) on Page 134]. This road leads to Georgetown Saddle at the south end of the ridge. East access is via FS-1102 which begins on Georgetown Saddle and runs north along the ridge’s East Slopes. FS-260 provides access to the ridge on its West Side as it runs through Dry Valley. FS-134 crosses the North part of the ridge between Dry Valley and FS-1102.

All Dry Ridge Peaks found on this website are at this link: Dry Ridge Peaks

Mountain Range: Peale Mountains

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