Eighteenmile Peak

Elevation: 11,141 ft
Prominence: 1,635

Climbing and access information for this peak is on Pages 324-325 of the book. Access updates provided by Judi Steciak are found below.

Eighteenmile Peak and its neighbors, Jump Peak and Cottonwood Benchmark, enclose a beautiful high valley. It is possible to climb all 3 peaks in a day. USGS Eighteenmile Peak

Eighteenmile Peak from Jump Peak.

Eighteenmile Peak as viewed from Jump Peak.

Eighteenmile Peak from Cottonwood Peak.

Eighteenmile Peak as viewed from Cottonwood Benchmark.

Judi Steciak reports that access has changed for the Eighteenmile Peak and Jump Peak area. Please find below the 2011 BLM map for access to the Eighteenmile Wilderness Study Area in the Beaverhead Mountains. This replaces the (B)(6.1) Eighteenmile Creek Road description on Page 329 of the book and it avoids private property. We used this map with an Idaho back roads atlas and topographical maps. The road was re-graded in 2011 and is accessible to higher-clearance passenger vehicles. There are at least two outfitter camps in the Eighteenmile WSA during hunting season. Thanks to Judi Steciak and Carl Hamke for this update.Eighteen Mile area access.

Mountain Range: Beaverhead Range

Year Climbed: 1991

Longitude: -112.99639   Latitude: 44.44739


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