Feltham Creek Point

Elevation: 9,000 ft
Prominence: 420

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Feltham Creek Point viewed from the north.

This peak is not the book. Published September 2019

Feltham Creek Point is located roughly 21 miles northwest of Stanley, Idaho. This peak is a former fire lookout site. The view from the summit is exceptional and includes the Sawtooths and Cabin Creek Peak. USGS Pinyon Peak

Feltham Creek Point viewed from the north.

Feltham Creek Point as viewed from the north.

Access and Route, Class 1

Leave ID-21 18.0 miles east of Stanley by turning north onto Seafoam Road/FS-008 [(F)(1) on Page 140]. Follow Seafoam Road (a good gravel road) north for 5.2 miles. Turn right onto Beaver Creek Road/FS-172. Follow Beaver Creek Road northeast for 11.0 miles to a saddle just northwest of the peak. From the saddle, take FS-174 to the summit area in 0.4 miles. FS-172 and FS-174 are steep and rough; a 4WD vehicle is recommended. Park just below the summit.

Looking toward the summit of Feltham Creek Point from the south.

The remnants of the lookout atop Feltham Crek Point looking east.

Looking west.

Looking west from the summit of Feltham Creek Point.

Mountain Range: Eastern Salmon River Mountains

Year Climbed: 2019

Longitude: -114.97079   Latitude: 44.50939

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