Oregon Butte

Elevation: 8,464 ft
Prominence: 904

Oregon Butte viewed from Buffalo Hump.

Climbing and access information for this peak is found on Page 70. Three routes, all still viable, are listed in the book. The shortest route is described in more detail below. Also, the trails in this area are infrequently maintained and expert trail finding abilities may be required. Published July 2020

Oregon Butte is a shark tooth shaped summit located 24 miles SSW of Elk City, Idaho and south of Buffalo Hump on the Gospel Hump Wilderness. The peak has been used as a fire lookout since 1929. USGS Buffalo Hump

Oregon Butte viewed from Buffalo Hump.

Oregon Butte viewed from Buffalo Hump.

Access and Route, Class 1

FS-233, Crooked River Orogrande Road [(F)(1.2) Page 79]. The shortest hiking approach to the peak begins at the road that leads to the Stump Lake north of Oregon Butte. Leave Grangeville driving east on ID-13. Almost immediately turn right on the Mount Idaho Grade Road. Follow this road which drops into the deep South Fork Clearwater River canyon and a junction with ID-14. Follow ID-14 toward Elk City for 34.0 slow miles to FS-233, the Crooked River Road. Follow this graded gravel road south to the town of Orogrande. From Orogrande, the road deteriorates as it continues southwest to Orogrande Summit in a total of 18.6 miles from ID-14. There is a confusing junction with intersections on the summit. A sign warns that the continuation of FS-233 is not suitable for 2WD vehicles/

At this junction, FS-233 veers left, drops down into Lake Creek and then climbs up to Hump Lake 6.0 miles from Orogrande Summit. The road then continues south to its terminus near Jump Camp where FST-202 begins. Follow FST-202 southeast to FST-203. Take FST-203 to FST-225 which leads to the summit.

Be warned: The road down from Orogrande summit to Lake Creek is a difficult 4WD road and better suited for ATVs. Victor Zhou states the road “is good for maybe the first half-mile, but as of Fall 2014, it deteriorates VERY quickly after that point. If you pass up a small parking spot on the left, you’ve essentially committed yourself to rolling down the steep and rocky road all the way down to Lake Creek. I managed to drive my 4Runner down and back up and, while I made it, I hated and despised every nail-biting minute of it.”

Mountain Range: Southern Clearwater Peaks

Longitude: -115.66869   Latitude: 45.52169

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