Peak 10715 (Mount Inspiration)

Elevation: 10,715 ft
Prominence: 1,239

Climbing information for this peak is found on page 305.

Mount Inspiration is, well, inspiring. The name was suggested by Rick Baugher who made the first recorded ascent. The ridge between Inspiration and Prescott Peak is passable. The most efficient route from the east is to follow the ridge from Prescott. Rick Baugher climbed the peak from the west.

Class 3

USGS Topo: Big Windy Peak

Mount Inspiration. John Platt Photo

Mount Inspiration. John Platt photo.

John Platt's GPS track for Mounts Prescott and Inspiration.

John Platt’s GPS track for Prescott Peak and Mount Inspiration.

Mountain Range: Lemhi Range

Longitude: -113.25289   Latitude: 44.31049

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