Peak 10693 (Prescott Peak/Mount Perspiration)

Elevation: 10,693 ft
Prominence: 393

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This peak is not in the book.

Prescott Peak is located on the main Lemhi Range Crest between Mount Inspiration and Medusa. The peak has an impressive 1,700-foot North Face that towers above Davis Creek. So why two unofficial names? The original Mount Perspiration name was given to the peak by Rick Baugher, a long-time contributor to this website, when he climbed the peak in 1991. Generally speaking, mountaineers accept that the person(s) making the first ascent of a peak have the naming rights to the peak. Rick made the first known ascent and his proposed name predates the Prescott name by 26 years.

On October 19, 2016, Larry Prescott, also a contributor to this website, died from a heart attack just short of the peak’s summit. John Platt (another contributor to this website) and several friends climbed the peak one week later in a tribute to Larry. The group unofficially decided to rename the peak after Larry. Use the link below to read more about their memorial climb. The government has established a legal process for naming geographical features. I discuss this process in depth on Pages 32-33 of the book. One requirement is that a feature cannot be officially named after a person until 5 years after their death.

Rick’s proposed name was used on the Climbing Idaho website (see link below) well before the proposed Prescott Peak name. Larry was a very popular resident and educator in Eastern Idaho and he was a good friend of mine. Rick and John are also good friends. Thus, I am not taking a position on which name should be used. The peak is a Class 3 climb via either its Northeast or Southeast Ridges, which are both accessed via Coal Kiln Canyon. The map below shows the Platt crew’s route. USGS Coal Kiln Canyon

John Platt's GPS track for Mounts Prescott and Inspiration.

John Platt’s GPS track for Prescott Peak and Mount Inspiration.

Mount Prescott. John Platt Photo

Prescott Peak. John Platt Photo

Larry Prescott. 1960-2016 R.I.P.

Larry Prescott (1960-2016). Rest in peace, Larry. Climb on.

Mountain Range: Lemhi Range

Longitude: -113.24489   Latitude: 44.30119

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