Peak 3617

Elevation: 3,617 ft
Prominence: 317

This peak is not in the book.

Peak 3617 is located due west of Squaw Butte in the southwest corner of the West Mountains. This minor peak is accessible early in the Spring and has a nice view of Squaw Butte.

The east face of Peak 3617.

The east face of Peak 3617.

Access this peak from Emmett and ID-52 which runs north through downtown Emmett. From the junction of ID-16 and ID-52 follow ID-52 north to a fourway stop. ID-52 turns east toward Horseshoe Bend at this stop. Continue straight through the intersection on the that Black Canyon Road for 4.3 paved miles and then continue on the now gravel Black Canyon Road for another 7.5 miles where the road crosses a pass due east of Peak 3617. A 4WD road heads west at this point climbing up a slope to a junction. The road turns right at this junction and works down and around to the northwest and a saddle just below the peak’s steep east face. A 4WD scar continues up the face. Common sense would dictate that you not attempt to drive it. If you hikemfrom the main road you will reach the summit in 0.7 miles with 360 feet of elevation gain. If you drive to the base of the face you will have a 0.4 mile hike with 300 feet of gain to reach the summit. Class 1. USGS Squaw Butte

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: West Mountains

Year Climbed: 2017

Longitude: -116.49019   Latitude: 44.06029

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