Peak 5260 (Willowdale Peak)

Elevation: 5,260 ft
Prominence: 409

This peak is not in the book. The original information was provided by Eric Pohlmann who proposed the name Willowdale Peak. The 2019 update is based on my climb.

Additional Danskin Mountains access information can be found in the book at (D)(1) at pages 154-5 and (G)(1) at page 156. Also see the following website page: Danskin Mountains OHV Trails. Updated  May 2019

Willowdale Peak by Eric Pohlmann

This peak is located due north of Long Tom Reservoir and centrally located in the southern half of the Danskin range, an area characterized by flats. It happens to be surrounded by both flats and higher peaks which gives it somewhat of a more enclosed feel than its neighbors, but lends by far the best views of Long Tom Reservoir.  Its geology reminds of the nearby but much larger Long Tom Benchmark; both peaks resemble shelves slowly rising out of the east, and then abruptly terminate into west facing bluffs which make for fun scrambling.  There’s private property in the area, so watch your step.  Routes are relatively short, best access can be found by parking at Long Tom Reservoir, then simply pick your way up the fun west facing bluffs to the summit.

Willowdale Peak.

Willowdale Peak viewed from the southeast. Eric Pohlmann Photo

Willowdale Peak by Tom Lopez

Peak 5260 aka Willowdale Peak is located north of Long Tom Reservoir. The peak is composed of a massive hump shaped southeast to northwest trending ridge which divides the West Fork Long Tom Creek and Willowdale Creek. While the peak could be climbed from almost any direction private property limits legal access to the peak’s southeastern end.


Turn north off of ID-20 onto the Pony Creek Road, [(E)(1) page 156]. Follow this good gravel road north for 3.6 miles. Turn west onto the unsigned Long Tom Reservoir Road. There is a lot of parking available at this point, From the parking area the road fords Long Tom Creek and quickly deteriorates. A 4WD is recommended. Continue west for 0.7 miles and park. Note that soon after this point the road passes onto private property.

Southwest Face/Summit Ridge, Class 2

There are many possible lines up the southwest face. The route shown on the GPS track (below) seemed to be the most efficient. From the parking spot head due north to a range fence. Scoot under the fence and then climb up the gully west of the large rock outcrop on the left. Turn west once above the rocks and continue climbing up to the northwest toward the next gully. You should soon find a game trail that will take you under a short cliff. Once past the cliff, the route moderates and quickly brings you to the top of the broad summit ridge. Continue northwest to the summit. My GPS measured the route as 2.6 miles with 649 feet of gain round trip.

The southwest face of Willowdale Peak viewed from the Long Tom Reservoir Road ford.

Looking down the route from around 4,900 feet. The Pony Road forms the ribbon in the background. The big peak on the horizon is Mount Bennett.

Looking up the route from roughly 4,900 feet.

Looking up the route from roughly 4,900 feet. The route angles up to the gap on the right side of this photo.

The game trail passes this cliff section on the left.

The game trail passes this cliff section on the left.

The top of the summit ridge looking northwest.

The top of the summit ridge looking northwest.

The summit at the culmination of the broad summit ridge.

My GPS track. The Pink line is the Pony Creek Road. The blue is the Long Tom Reservoir Road. The gold is the hiking route.


USGS Long Tom Reservoir

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Boise Mountains

Year Climbed: 2019

Longitude: -115.58429   Latitude: 43.31639

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