Peak 7906 by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 7,906 ft
Prominence: 506

Peak 7906 from Squirrel Mountain. Steve Mandella Photo.

This peak is not in the book.

Peak 7906 is located on the southeast side of the Big Hole Mountains in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. The summit sits a little more than 0.5 mile from Squirrel Mountain. The most direct route to the summit is from the east of the range, which is west of Victor, Idaho. A good trail map for this area is provided by Henderson Creek Lodge.

Peak 7906 from Squirrel Mountain. Steve Mandella Photo.

Peak 7906 from Squirrel Mountain. Steve Mandella Photo.

From Victor, travel west on Highway 31 to W 9000 South. Turn north on South 4500 West and continue to Grove Creek Road. Use FS-546, which will become FS-237 to begin your hike.

Ascend the trail westward until you encounter the Big Hole Crest Trail, FS-217, which runs north and south. Hike north on this trail. Continue as the trail descends to a saddle where you will reach a junction. At this junction, the Big Hole Crest Trail (FS-217) continues north to Squirrel Mountain, and the Corral Crest Trail, FS-076/FS-240, goes west toward Peak 7906.

The summit of Peak 7906. Steve Mandella photo.

The summit of Peak 7906, with views of the Tetons in the background. Steve Mandella photo.


Go northwest on FS-076/FS-240 and steeply descend until you reach an intersection at the base of Peak 7906. Turn southwest on FS-076/FS-240 (but remember this intersection, as you will return to it after summiting Peak 7906).

As you hike the trail, continue to assess the terrain and vegetation on the peak until you reach the base of a ridge that is fairly clear of vegetation and begin hiking off trail. As you gain elevation, the summit will come into view and you can use it to help you navigate around some densely vegetated and forested sections that are so prominent in these lower elevation peaks.

Climbing can involve a lot of bushwhacking at times. Steve Mandella photo.

Climbing can involve a lot of bushwhacking at times. Steve Mandella photo.

After summiting Peak 7906, drop back down to FS-076/FS-240 and backtrack (northeast) until you return to the intersection mentioned earlier. Now, turn southeast and begin a steep ascent that takes you back to the intersection of the Corral Crest Trail and the Big Hole Crest Trail (FS-217). Back track on FS-217 to FS-237 and the Grove Creek trailhead.

We did this peak as part of a three-peak loop originating from the Drake Creek trailhead. Read more about that trip and view the GPS track on the Squirrel Mountain page.

Class 2

USGS Topo: Fourth of July Peak

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Big Hole and Snake River Mountains

Longitude: -111.24259   Latitude: 43.60509

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