Peak 8180 (Grass Mountains High Point)

Elevation: 8,180 ft

Climbing and access information for this peak is found on page 111. The book has the wrong elevation. The correct elevation is 8,180 feet. Updated January 2020

Grass Mountains High Point (Peak 8180) is the highest point of the Grass Mountains Range and is located just south of Peak 8156 (Grassy Twin Peak) and Frog Lake. Interestingly, this peak is one of 14 Idaho peaks with an elevation of 8180 feet. See John Platt’s trip report linked below for additional information. John calls the peak Frog Mountain. USGS Hazard Lake


The recommended route is a ridge traverse from the trail that crosses the Grass Mountains crest and can be easily accessed from the trail that leads to the lake. This trail leaves Hazard Lake Road 18.7 miles north of ID-55. See entry [(B)(1)(b)] on page 134 of the Climbing Guide, or the Hard Peak or Grassy Twin Peak pages for more details. The Frog Lake trail has not been maintained in years and is nearly impossible to follow.

North Ridge, Class 2-3 (depending on the route you take down the steep step into tue saddle north of the peak.)

From the pass, follow the ridge south across broken granite slabs and a scattering of trees toward Grassy Twin Peak’s west ridge. You will likely spot remnants of the Frog Lake trail along the way but these will not be very useful. As you approach the west ridge, veer toward the saddle, crossing Grassy Twin Peak’s west ridge at 7,800 feet. Once on the south side of Grassy Twin, negotiate a steep, downhill step to reach the connecting ridge. When you are past this obstacle, you will see an obvious line to the summit that is occasionally blocked by downed trees.

My GPS track for a three peak day.

My GPS track for a three-peak day.

The Grass Mountains high point viewed from the north. John Platt Photo

The Grass Mountains viewed from the north. John Platt Photo

Peak 8180 viewed from Peak 8071. The rugged nature of the summit ridge is hidden in this view.

Peak 8180 viewed from Peak 8071. The rugged nature of the summit ridge is hidden in this view.


Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Western Salmon River Mountains

Year Climbed: 2016

Longitude: -116.201769   Latitude: 45.15349

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