Peak 8454 by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 8,454 ft
Prominence: 524

Peak 8454 from the saddle. Photo - Steve Mandella.

This peak is not in the book. Published October 2018.

Peak 8454 lies in Custer County, northwest of North and South Chilly Buttes, at the south end of Peck’s Canyon off of Trail Creek Road. The peak lies within the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) Peck’s Canyon Area of Environmental Concern (ACEC)/Research Natural Area (RNA). BLM designated the area as an ACEC/RNA in 1999 for its “excellent condition plant communities.” According to BLM, “The area contains a large mountain mahogany stand in excellent condition. Due to the steep topography of the area, most of the other plant communities in this ACEC are also in excellent condition.”

Peak 8454 viewed from Peak 7442.

Peak 8454 viewed from Peak 7442.

We did not see the mahogany stand referenced as we climbed the peak. Additionally, there is very obvious grazing and motorized use on the peak’s north and northeast sides, up to and including the peak’s summit area. It’s doubtful any of these plant communities exist on the peak’s accessible sides. So look along the steep west and southwest sides as you drive in if you hope to get a glimpse of these special plants.

Peak 8454 from the saddle. Photo - Steve Mandella.

Peak 8454 from the saddle. Photo – Steve Mandella.


From Highway 93 at Trail Creek Road, turn northwest onto Walker Way. Follow Walker Way as it winds around Peck’s Canyon. Continue on Walker Way until you reach an jeep/ATV trail intersecting Walker Way from the east. This trail climbs to 7930 feet, which is a wide saddle area northeast of the peak. This rough ATV trail and was not passable, because of mud, with our high clearance 4WD when we were there in October. There is room to park on the “shoulder” of Walker Way for the time it would take to climb the peak.

North Ridge Route, Class 1

Whether you start on Walker Way or at the saddle, follow the obvious jeep trail as it climbs the North Ridge. The trail peters out right before the summit area, which is a flat and wide. The only indication of the real summit is a “planted” piece of rebar.

Trip Stats: 2.5 miles roundtrip and 697 feet elevation gain.

Summit of Peak 8454. Photo - Steve Mandella.

Summit of Peak 8454. Photo – Steve Mandella.

Climber track - Steve Mandella

Climber track – Steve Mandella

USGS Topo: Jerry Peak

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Boulder Mountains

Longitude: -114.0289   Latitude: 44.09849

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