Peak 9578

Elevation: 9,578 ft
Prominence: 1,038

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Peak 9578 viewed from Peak 9344.

This peak is not in the book. Published July 2020

Peak 9578 is located west of Corral Creek Summit on the broad, complicated ridge that runs between Corral Creek Summit and Porphyry Peak. USGS Porphyry Peak

Peak 9578 viewed from Peak 9344.

Peak 9578 as viewed from Peak 9344


Primary access is via the FS-142/Burma Road [(B)(2) on Page 265]. Follow the Burma Road to Corral Creek Summit. FS-491 (a 4WD road) runs west from the pass to the base of Peak 9344. Follow it west over the peak designated Corral Creek Summit and continue on to Peak 9344. Follow the road around to the south side of Peak 9344 where there is parking and road closures. It is 4.2 miles to this spot. Park here. The road gains 436 feet of elevation and loses 850 feet of elevation along the way. A 4WD is recommended.

South Ridge, Class 2

From the parking area, contour west along the base of Peak 9344 until you meet the closed road that runs west. This cross-country walk saves you from losing elevation. Once on the road, follow it toward the Peak 9578. There is a fence in the Peak 9344/Peak 9578 saddle. There is a gate that was so tight in 2020 that we scooted under it rather than trying to open and close it. Once through the fence, continue up the road to the peak’s south ridge. Leave the road and walk up the low-angle road to the summit. Round trip covers 3.8 miles with 528 feet of elevation gain.

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Mountain Range: White Knob Mountains

Year Climbed: 2020

Longitude: -113.87779   Latitude: 43.91729

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