Peak 9725 (Goldstone West)

Elevation: 9,725 ft
Prominence: 665

This peak is not in the book.

Peak 9725 (Goldstone West) is located west of the Continental Divide and northwest of Goldstone Mountain.

East Face Route, Class 2+, by Livingston Douglas 

I climbed Peak 9725 (Goldstone West) on 8/8/17. I approached it via the Montana side of the Continental Divide using Forest Service Road (FSR) 7327 from its junction with Skinner Meadows Road/FSR 381. Peak 9725 lies entirely within the State of Idaho.

From the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) just north of Peak 9735 (Goldstone North), descend west through open forest to a small saddle. Scramble west up talus/scree over Point 9546, and then descend southwest on steeper talus/scree to a saddle at 9,060 feet. Scramble up the East Face, which is talus/scree after exiting the open forest, to the small summit. The high point is a rock fin that protrudes from the ground. Serious exposure exists on the northeast aspect of this peak.

When I summited this peak, I climbed Goldstone Mountain first. Then I did a descending traverse into the upper reaches of West Fork Sandy Creek. I contoured and then ascended to the 9,040-foot saddle below the East Face of Peak 9725. After climbing the East Face, I descended the East Face to the 9,040-foot saddle. Then I climbed up the West Ridge of Peak 9735 (Goldstone North) to return to the CDT. This entire route was previously climbed and documented by Michael Darcy.

USGS Topo: Goldstone Pass

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Beaverhead Range

Longitude: -113.59289   Latitude: 45.12839

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