Spring Hill

Elevation: 9,349 ft
Prominence: 1,509

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Spring Hill viewed from the north. Derek Percoski Photo

This peak is not in the book. Derek Percoski provided the route information set out below. Published June 2019

Spring Hill is located east of the main Lost River Range Crest, a couple of miles north of Horseheaven Pass. It abruptly rises up above the Pahsimeroi Valley and is the highest point of a somewhat-isolated group of 7 peaks, 5 of which are ranked summits. As a result of its prominence, Spring Hill was used as a surveying site as early as 1915. USGS Spring Hill

Spring Hill viewed from the north. Derek Percoski Photo

Spring Hill as viewed from the north. Derek Percoski Photo


Northeast Ridge, Class 2 by Derek Percoski 


From Doublespring Pass Road [(C)(3) on Page 293], turn east onto FS-117 toward Horseheaven Pass. Reset your odometer. At roughly 1.2 miles, the road forks. Go left/northeast onto FS-268. At 2.5 miles, go left at another junction. At 4.6 miles, the road tops out at 8,700 feet directly on the Northeast Ridge of Spring Hill. A high-clearance vehicle is required and 4WD is recommended.


From the road, it is less than a mile up the Northeast Ridge to the summit. The Class 2 ridge climbs 800 vertical feet.

Spring Hill with the ridge route in red. Derek Percoski Photo

Spring Hill with the Northeast Ridge Route in red. Derek Percoski Photo

Additional Access Information

Your 4WD adventure can continue on unofficial ranchers’ roads along the ridge to Peak 8937. The 4WD road goes to the summit. Along the way to Peak 8937, we stopped and climbed soft-ranked Peak 8860. Reaching this peak requires jumping a cattle fence on National Forest Land.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Lost River Range

Longitude: -113.74809   Latitude: 44.27089

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