Willson Peak

Elevation: 8,955 ft
Prominence: 415

Climbing and access information for this peak is found on page 121. In 2018 John Platt lead a group across the ridge. Read his trip report at this link: Profile Loop 2018. The next peak along the ridge is Big Creek Point. Updated June 2018

Wilson Peak is located west of Profile Gap on a ridge complex that runs out to Profile Peak and then onto Parks Peak. The next peak alomg the ridge is Profile Peak.

Wilson Peak from the west. John Platt Photo

Wilson Peak from the west. John Platt Photo’


The only route I am familiar with is a traverse from Profile Gap crossing over Crater Peak. See the Crater Peak page for access.

Crater/Wilson Ridge Traverse, Class 2

The ridge travrese is straightforward. Descend west off of the Crater Peak summit toward Point 8856 staying on the south side of the ridge as necessary. Cross 8856 and turn north following the west side of the ridge to the Wilson Peak summit. The ridge is straightforward with few obstacles other than downfall.

Wilson Peak from the southeast.

Wilson Peak from the southeast.

Approaching Wilson Peak.

Approaching Wilson Peak.

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Central Salmon River Mountains

Year Climbed: 2018

Longitude: -115.4471   Latitude: 45.05339

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