The following list is my consensus favorite peak list. It’s hard to pick and rank favorite Idaho climbs when there are so many that standout for me. However, the following peaks continue to rise to the top in my mind.

PhotoPeak NameMountain RangeElevationYearDescription
1 Mount IdahoLost River Range12,065 ft1990Route information for this 12er peak is found on pages 277 to 278. Also see Wes Collin's article on read more
2 USGS PeakLost River Range11,982 ft1995Climbing information for this peak is found on page 284.
USGS Peak, unofficially named i ... read more
3 Bell MountainLemhi Range11,612 ft1982This peak is found on pages 305 and 306.
Table of contents: (1)  first entry be ... read more
4 Mount HeyburnSawtooth Range10,200 ft1996Climbing information for this peak is found on pages 170 to 171. The only route on this page is the Stur ... read more
5 Peak 11272White Cloud Mountains11,272 ft1992Climbing information for this peak is found on page 223.
This impressive but unnamed sum ... read more
6 Big Baldy PeakCentral Salmon River Mountains9,705 ft1991Access and hiking information for this peak is found on pages 117 to 118.
Big Baldy Peak ... read more
7 Freeman PeakBeaverhead Range10,273 ft1994This peak is found on pages 320 to 322.
Freeman Peak 10,273 feet, Beaverhead Ra ... read more
8 Mount ReganSawtooth Range10,190 ft1986This peak is found on pages 159 to 160.
Mount Regan 10,190 feet, Sawtooth Range. Southea ... read more
9 Old Hyndman PeakPioneer Mountains11,775 ft1990Route information for this 11er peak is found on pages 250 to 251. New route information is found more
10Mount Borah: Peak Information and Climbing GuideLost River Range12,662 ft1981, 1999read more
11 Diamond PeakLemhi Range12,197 ft1980Climbing information for Diamond Peak is found on page 308. 
Diamond Peak is located in ... read more
12 Mount CorruptionLost River Range11,857 ft1992This peak is found on page 282.
One of my favorite idaho climbs. Back in 1992 when I climb ... read more
13 SacajaweaLost River Range11,936 ft1999See page 274 in the book for additional access information. Also see Wes Collin's article on read more
14 Triple PeakLost River Range11,280 ft2003This peak is listed as Peak 11280+ in the book on page 282. At the time of the second edition, I was almos ... read more
15 Peak 10405White Cloud Mountains10,405 ft1996This peak is found on page 228.
This peak is one of my favorites climbs because it is a ... read more
16 Fenn MountainCentral Clearwater Peaks8,021 ft1988This Selway Crags peak is found on page 65.
Even though this peak just barely tops 8,000 ... read more
17 Scotchman PeakCabinet Mountains7,009 ft1984This peak is found on page 53. A P2K summit.
The fifth most prominent peak in Idaho with ... read more
18 Chimney RockSelkirk Mountains7,124 ft1984Climbing information for this peak is found on pages 40 to 43.
Chimney Rock is one of Id ... read more
19 Sunny Bar PeakLemhi Range10,512 ft2015This peak is found on page 310. A new route is added below.
Sunny Bar Peak is seldom cli ... read more
20 Umpleby PeakLemhi Range10,713 ft2005Climbing information for Umpleby Peak is found on page 305.
Umpleby is a special and uni ... read more
21 Tower of BabelSeven Devil Mountains9,269 ft1984This peak is found on pages 98 to 99.
No doubt in my mind, this peak is star of the Seve ... read more
22 Cabin Creek PeakEastern Salmon River Mountains9,968 ft1988This peak is found on pages 130 to 131.
One of Idaho's true hidden treasures, Cabin Cree ... read more
23 Iron MountainSoldier Mountains9,694 ft1998Iron Mountain is found on page 215. 
All of the routes to this peak involve long approa ... read more
24 Devils ThroneSeven Devil Mountains9,280 ft1990This peak is found on pages 101 to 103.
The Devils Throne is a long way from Sheep Lake ... read more
25 Mount HeinenBoise Mountains6,336 ft2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014This peak is not in the book. It is a great training peak and rewarding hike.
Mount Hein ... read more