Paymaster Peak

Elevation: 10,292 ft
Prominence: 592

This peak is not in the book.

This peak is located on a subsidiary ridge that leaves the main Pioneer Crest at Big Basin Peak. The ridge divides Hyndman Creek and the East Fork Hyndman Creek. It contains four ranked summits. Three of these peaks, McIntyre, Jacqueline and Paymaster, exceed ten thousand feet. The peak offers a great view of the main Pioneer Crest (see photos below). USGS Hyndman Peak


Climb this peak from the East Fork Big Wood River Road [(B)(1) on Page 258]. Follow the road for roughly 1.4 miles past the Federal Gulch Campground and park at the base of Paymaster Gulch.

Paymaster Gulch, Class 2

Follow a two track old road up the gulch. The road ends in less than 0.5 miles. Continue up the drainage. At 7,600 feet, climb out of the main drainage and head due north to Point 10193. Follow the connecting ridge from this point into the saddle and then ascend to the summit in another 0.4 miles. The total distance is roughly 6.0 miles with about 3,200 feet of elevation gain.

The summit of Paymaster Peak from the trail. John Platt Photo.

The summit of Paymaster Peak as viewed from the trail. John Platt Photo

Hyndman Peak, Cobb Peak and Old Hyndman Peak as viewed from the summit of Paymaster Peak. Basil Service Photo

Old Hyndman from Paymaster Peak.

Old Hyndman Peak as viewed from Paymaster Peak.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Pioneer Mountains

Year Climbed: 2008

Longitude: -114.1301   Latitude: 43.7060

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