Peak 6869 by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 6,869 ft
Prominence: 379

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Peak 6869 with North and South Chilly Buttes in the background. Photo - Steve Mandella.

This peak is not in the book. Published October 2018.

Peak 6869 is a rocky butte located northwest of Mackay, Idaho, and southwest of North and South Chilly Buttes on the South Side of Trail Creek Road. This short, sporty climb offers great views of the Lost River Range and the Big Lost River Valley. USGS Chilly Buttes

Peak 6869 from Bartlett Point Road. Photo - Margo Mandella

Peak 6869 as viewed from Bartlett Point Road. Margo Mandella Photo


Access to Peak 6869 is from a short jeep trail off Trail Creek Road. This jeep trail is visible from Trail Creek Road and is shown on the Challis National Forest – South Travel Map. This trail takes you a short way up the North Ridge. Park here.

North Ridge Route, Class 2

Start your climb following the steep jeep track and continue as it turns into a short trail. When the trail ends, scramble your way through and around the various rocky outcrops to reach the ridge, taking the path of least resistance as you head toward the summit. The butte is steep but footing is solid. Any scrambling is straightforward and minimal. There are several ways to thread your way through the rocks on the ridge, but if it seems too hard, look around for an easier path. While the butte is exposed in places, it is not technical, so keep that in mind as you climb. Our round-trip stats: 1 mile with 386 feet of elevation gain.

Summit of Peak 6869 with the Lost River Range in the background. Steve Mandella photo.

The summit of Peak 6869 with the Lost River Range in the background. Steve Mandella Photo


Climbing Track - Steve Mandella

Climbing track. Steve Mandella Map


Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Boulder Mountains

Year Climbed: 2019

Longitude: -113.92401   Latitude: 44.04911

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