Peak 6980 by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 6,980 ft
Prominence: 320

Peak 6980. Steve Mandella photo

This peak is not in the book.

Peak 6980 is located north-northeast of Scott Butte and northwest of Peak 6934 at the southwest end of the Beaverhead Range. Its accessibility and elevation provide great views of Birch Creek Valley and the east side of the Lemhi Range.


Mellow Peak 6980, foreground. Margo Mandella photo

Mellow Peak 6980, foreground, shows the peak’s south ridge and ledges. Margo Mandella photo.

The peak is located on public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The motorized use map (no longer available online [2017]) shows a couple ways to reach Peterson Canyon. However, the most obvious on-the-ground access is by Scott Butte Road, staying east of the butte and travelling north-northeast to a junction marking the entrance to Peterson Canyon. Here, continue northeast toward an obvious mine excavation.

The mine area is private land but no signage restricts access to the peak from the road. Park at a point just off this road to access one of Peak 6980’s two south ridges.

South Ridge(s), Class 2

Summit Marker, Peak 6980. Margo Mandella photo.

Summit Marker, Peak 6980. Margo Mandella photo.

Both south ridges provide easy travel to reach the summit. We used the western of the two. This ridge ascends to and through a few rocky ledge bands. Though wide, the ledges are short and easy to pass through in a number of spots.

Alternatively, as seen in the photo, the ledges can be skirted entirely.

Once through/around the ledges, continue upward until you reach the large, broad, flat summit of the peak. A small rock ring marks the summit.

From our views of the eastern south ridge, it is just a touch longer and a little less steep overall.

USGS Topo: Scott Butte

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Beaverhead Range

Longitude: -112.78249   Latitude: 44.09439

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