Peak 8726 by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 8,726 ft
Prominence: 411

Peak 8726. Photo Steve Mandella

This peak is not in the book. Published October 2019.

Peak 8726 lies southeast of Anderson Peak and west of the Thousand Springs riparian area, which is adjacent to Highway 93. Located near Willow Creek Summit on Highway 93, this peak provides big views of the Lost River Range, neighboring peaks in the Boulder Mountains, and the Thousand Springs Valley.

Summit of Peak 8726. Photo Steve Mandella

Anderson peak (back) and the summit of Peak 8726. Photo – Steve Mandella


Access this peak one of two ways. Take Highway 93 northwest from Mackay and turn onto Dry Gulch Road/HL350 and travel south until the road reaches the area where the saddle between Peak 8686 and Peak 8726 lies, around the 8315 contour. Here, look for a jeep road heading southeast (toward the saddle between the peaks). If you have a high clearance 4WD, this is the jeep trail you’ll use to crawl higher. Otherwise, you can park off the road on this trail and hike from here.

Alternatively from Highway 93 at Trail Creek Road, turn northwest onto Walker Way. Follow Walker Way as it winds around Peck’s Canyon until it intersects with Dry Gulch Road/HL350. Take Dry Gulch/HL350 and travel north to reach the jeep trail access to the peak discussed in the previous paragraph.

Dry Gulch Road/HL350 closes 12/16 to 4/30 each year, so plan accordingly.

Southwest Ridge, Class 1

A jeep trail goes nearly all the way to the summit. The trail is visible the entire way. A good high clearance 4WD will take you a long ways up. Otherwise, find a place to park and hike along the jeep trail. The real summit is obvious at the end of the jeep trail.

Peak 8726. Photo Steve Mandella

Peak 8726. Photo Steve Mandella

USGS Topo: Dickey Peak

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Boulder Mountains

Longitude: -113.99901   Latitude: 44.17101

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