Trinity Mountain

Elevation: 9,451 ft
Prominence: 2,391

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 149 of the book.

This big peak is a bit civilized with its lookout and a road that leads to the summit. The road is only open to motorcycles and ATVs and, due to its remoteness, does not see much use. Consequently, this rugged peak is still wild and worth the effort. It’s also a great starting point to climb Peak 9140 and Peak 9165 as well as to view Steel Mountainthe Soldier Mountains and even the Sawtooth Range. Also, check out the Trinity Mountains archives for all the great peaks in this subrange. USGS Trinity Mountain

Trinity Mountain as viewed from the west.

The north face of Trinity Mountain from the Fiddlers Perch.

The North Face of Trinity Mountain as viewed from Fiddlers Perch.

Trinity Mountain viewed from the south.

Trinity Mountain as viewed from the south.

See Dan Robbins’ trip report.

Trinity Mountain--another view. Dan Robbins Photo

Another view of Trinity Mountain from the slopes of Fiddlers Perch. Dan Robbins Photo

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Boise Mountains

Year Climbed: 1988, 2015

Longitude: -115.42901   Latitude: 43.59879

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