Idaho: A Climbing Guide, by Tom Lopez.

The purpose of the site is to provide Idaho mountain climbers, scramblers and peak baggers with source information for climbs throughout Idaho. The site includes basic information, updates on information in the book, new routes, photos, maps and information provided by other Idaho climbers. There are hundreds of routes and peaks included on the site that are not found in the book as well as updated access information and thousands of photos.

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What’s New?

February 14, 2017. It has been an old fashion winter with plenty of snow and cold. In addition to cleaning up and improving many entries on the website, in Southeastern Idaho news, Steve and Margo Mandella provided climbing information for several Pocatello area peaks including: Peak 8037 (northeast of Scout Mountain) and Peak 7060. And in climbing news from the Snake River … Continue reading

Introduction to Idaho: A Climbing Guide

The opportunities for those who enjoy climbing mountains are unlimited in Idaho. This guidebook is an idea book and a starting point for mountaineers, hikers, and explorers. In the ten years since Exploring Idaho’s Mountains was published, Idaho’s population has skyrocketed, Boise has become a city and Coeur d’Alene a major resort destination. Surprisingly, this growth has had a positive … Continue reading

Larry Prescott R.I.P

Sadly, my friend and fellow climber Larry Prescott passed away during a climb in the Lemhi Range yesterday. Larry was an exceptional human being and I will miss his company in the mountains, miss his good nature and positive attitude and miss his trip reports. Condolences to his family and friends. Larry Prescott The Heart of the Lost River Range. … Continue reading

John Platt Completes the Box Lake USGS Quad Peaks

Last week John Platt completed all the ranked peaks found on the Box Lake USGS quadrangle. While many southern Idaho climbers think the world begins and ends in eastern Idaho’s Lost River Mountain Range, John has methodically demonstrated that the Lick Creek subrange of the Salmon River Mountains is a granitic wonderland for climbers. The Box Lake quad is arguably … Continue reading

Lyman Dye’s Memoir

Lyman Dye has provided a memoir for our reading enjoyment, Heeding The Call of the Mountains. Lyman is one of the giants of Idaho climbing and his many first ascents are documented in the book. He operated the first climbing guide service in the Sawtooths and also guided climbers, including the Iowa Mountaineers and the Mazamas on many first ascents. … Continue reading

Mount Borah Warning

There is no shortcut that bypasses Chicken Out Ridge on Borah’s Standard Route. Wes Collins of the Butte County Sheriff”s Department reports that he has responded to three Search and Rescue events on Mount Borah involving climbers who got lost or stranded after attempting a bypass of Chicken Out Ridge (COR). All of these climbers reported they heard about a … Continue reading

Seeking Solitude: 4 Ways to Explore Idaho’s Rugged Gospel Hump Wilderness by Pete Zimowsky

Check out this fine article if you have or are  contemplating a visit to Idaho’s least known Wilderness, the Gospel Hump Wilderness: Seeking Solitude: 4 Ways to Explore Idaho’s Rugged Gospel Hump Wilderness by Pete Zimowsky, 2016. In 1978, Congress designated 206,053 acres land east of Riggins, Idaho, and north of the Salmon River as the Gospel-Hump Wilderness. The terrain varies … Continue reading

Pat Mcgrane’s Wildhorse Classics climbing guide.

Pat Mcgrane‘s Wildhorse Classics guide to the fantastic peaks surrounding the Wildhorse Creek drainage in the Pioneer Mountains demonstrates that the range deserve equal billing with the Sawtooths when discussing Idaho’s best technical alpine climbing. (Pat’s guide is a big file, 46 pages with lots of photos, so give it a bit of time to load.) Please thank Pat for this great contribution … Continue reading

99Boulders publishes in-depth guide to bouldering grades.

As bouldering has grown in popularity over the past couple decades, bouldering grades have increasingly become a topic of confusion and, sometimes, contention. The inherent subjectivity of grades makes it difficult to come to any sort of consensus about the difficulty of a particular problem. This can affect the sport, or someone’s experience of it, in various ways. For example, … Continue reading

Boise Backcountry Adventures

I am not sure how I missed this book when it came out in 2012. However, better late than never, check out Boise Backcountry Adventures by Sandy Epeldi with Dave Nevins. This great book covers many trails in an extended Boise area. I highly recommended this great resource which will help you reach many peaks.  … Continue reading

New edition of Steve Stuebner’s Boise Trail Guide

I highly recommend the new edition of Steve’s Boise Trail Guide which is a key to unlocking 90 hiking and trail-running routes close to home for us Boiseans. Here are the details: BOISE – Hikers, dog-walkers and trail-runners can rejoice in the launch of the 2nd edition of Boise Trail Guide, which has been one of author Steve Stuebner’s most popular … Continue reading

Larry Prescott Photos

Larry Prescott has become a contributor. Larry is a great photographer and has climbed extensively in eastern Idaho. I have added his photos to many peaks and linked to his excellent Blog. Check his Blog out by clicking on this sentence. Check ot the view from Leatherman Peak by clicking on this sentence. … Continue reading

River Runners Are Climbers Too.

I recently discovered this guidebook to running the Salmon River by Eric Newell. It just happens that besides getting his feet wet in the river, Eric also climbs Idaho Mountains. Check out the March 13th entry on his Facebook page for great photos of a winter climb up Mount Breitenbach. Check out his guidebook by clicking on this sentence. … Continue reading

Volunteers Needed

Idaho: A Climbing A Guide supports the Idaho Trails Association which “promotes the continued enjoyment of Idaho’s hiking trails.” Please visit the Association’s web site and join up. Check the Association’s website for 2015 projects and consider volunteering.   … Continue reading

Idaho’s Steepest Peaks

Need a new list to challenge your climbing habit? Tim Worth has provided us with just that list. His article entitled Idaho Summit Steepness list the steepest 500 Idaho peaks. You will find the list provides both challenges and a surprising number of summits that you and I never thought to climb. Tim has linked the list to the Lists … Continue reading

A Better Approach To Donaldson And Church

I recently learned that climbers have established a better approach route leading to the Church-Donaldson cirque. This route utilizes the next drainage north from the traditional Jones Creek approach. You can read about this approach on the Donaldson Peak page. Climbing Mount Church and Donaldson Peak just got easier. It is evident when you travel this route that it has … Continue reading

Clint Cummins Sawtooth Rock Climbing Route Ratings and Descriptions..

California climbing legend Clint Cummins has contributed the web page he put together documenting many technical climbs in the Sawtooths. It is the single best resource I know of for Sawtooth rock climbing on the Elephants Perch and many other iconic Sawtooth formations like the Finger of Fate and the Goat Perch as well as lesser know features like the Black buttress. … Continue reading

Backcountry Cooking Gone Wild

Steve Weston’s  backpacking cookbook, IN THE WILD Chef, can make life better in any base camp. Steve notes that  “Many a hungry backpacker has arrived at camp to the dismal sight of an over-priced, freeze-dried meal….. and resolved immediately with intense conviction that the menu must be improved. The outdoor experience provides a myriad of different satisfactions for participants, but … Continue reading

18 — 11,000 foot peaks added.

Carl Hamke and Judi Steciak recently became the third and fourth climbers to summit all of Idaho’s peaks exceeding 11,000 feet. (George Reinier, Johnny Roache were the first climbers to climb all of these peak while Judi is the first woman to accomplish this exceedingly difficult task.) Their short article in the Climbing History section describes their quest and lists the … Continue reading