Peak 7194 by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 7,194 ft
Prominence: 574

Peak 7194 from Peak 6990. Steve Mandella photo.

This peak is not in the book. Published March 2018. 

Peak 7194 is in the Jumpoff Peak subrange of the Lost River Range. Found west of the Idaho National Laboratory and Highway 22, Peak 7194 and its peak neighbors, 8383 and 6990, make a good, early-season peak bagging loop. We climbed these three peaks on March 29, 2018, and came in from Deadman Flats on the east side of the range.

Peak 7194 from Peak 6990. Steve Mandella photo.

Peak 7194 from Peak 6990. Snowy King Mountain in the background. Steve Mandella photo.


From Deadman Canyon: Take Bureau of Land Management (BLM) road 1259, Deadman Canyon road, which leaves the west side of Highway 22 along Deadman Flats, toward Deadman Canyon. This road is open all year. After heading north a bit, the road takes a large, long turn to the northwest. Along this curve, a jeep trail intersects the road from the north. This trail parallels an intermittent stream, but there are no pull-offs for parking. Sagebrush is thick and turning around is difficult but doable in only a few locations. We were able to travel as far as the worse ruts, but most people probably won’t want to travel much past the junction of the jeep trail with Deadman Canyon Road.

Note: A recent rain-on-snow event made travel difficult without a high-clearance 4WD starting in the lower Deadman Flats area. Even with a high clearance 4WD, we were stopped short of where we wanted on both roads we traveled.

Camping is allowed anywhere on BLM-managed public land. However, the Deadman Canyon area is thick with sagebrush and is heavily grazed. The only flat, sagebrush-free spot suitable for camping was at the junction of Deadman Canyon road and the jeep trail heading north (i.e., the previously mentioned intersection). It was a great spot to camp in March, but probably not so great once the cows and people are out later in the year.

From Combe Canyon: From Arco Pass Road, use BLM road 1265 to travel east into Combe Canyon. This road is open year-round but may be subject to washouts and rutting. A high clearance 4WD, or extra hiking, may be necessary.

Southeast Ridges, Class 2

We climbed this peak as a loop hike with peaks 8383 and 6990. We used the south-southeast ridge to ascend Peak 7194 from Peak 6990 and then the southeast ridge to descend to a game trail that climbed back up to the jeep road on Peak 6990. Then we hiked back down the trail to Deadman Canyon and our vehicle. See our route description and GPS track on the Peak 8383 page for more details.

The summit of Peak 7194 with Big Southern Butte in the background. Steve Mandella photo.

The summit of Peak 7194 with Big Southern Butte in the background. Steve Mandella photo.


Northeast Ridges, Class 2

There are jeep trails from Combe Canyon and from north of Sutton Canyon, on the west side of the range, that will get you onto Peak 7194. These trails are faintly visible on Google Earth. These trails come from the west and travel around the north and northeast side of Peak 7194. Basically, take either of these trails as far as you can travel along the ridges and then hike off-trail, staying on the ridges, heading to the south, to Peak 7194’s summit.

USGS Topo: Arco Hills

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Lost River Range

Longitude: -113.14919   Latitude: 43.68629

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