North Smoky Dome Road Access

Access to the Soldier Mountains is discussed on Pages 216-217 of the book. This web page adds a new access route into the Northern Soldier Mountains that provides exceptional access to the following peaks: Peak 8382 (Basque Peak), Peak 8238 (Gora Euzkotarak Peak), Peak 8189 (Salt Creek Peak) and North Smoky Dome.

(A) Fairfield Access Points

(1) FS-094/Couch Summit Road

  • New (1.1.1) Salt Creek Ridge Road/FS-010. This road begins at Couch Summit and runs west to the top of Salt Creek. The road is well maintained and graded every year. The road passes close by the first 3 peaks listed above before meeting FST-989 which is open to 4WDs.
  • New ( FST-087/Miller Fence Road. This road requires a 4WD. The road climbs steeply at first and then winds its way along the ridge toward North Smoky Dome. In 2.8 miles, the road reaches a trail junction with FST-087. While this is a good place to park, the road can be followed farther. In fact, the road can be driven all the way to Point 9254 where another road continues south to the next point at an elevation of approximately 9,280 feet.

The road number at the beginning of the road is inconsistent with the number on the Forest Service maps. Nevertheless, this is where the Miller Fence Road begins.

This is where the Miller Fence Road begins. Please note that the road number on the sign is inconsistent with the road number on the Forest Service map.