Peak 11967 and Idaho from White Cap Mountain. Two climbers descending the lower face. There a number of cliffs to skirt around on this route and enough lose rock to trip any climber up. Sheep Lake from the He Devil/She Devil Col. In the picture across the lake, Pk. 9,334 is on the right.  The route follows the left skyline over Pt. 8,960+.  Judi Steciak Photo East Face of North Raker. Ray Brooks Photo

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PhotoPeak NameMountain RangeElevationProminenceYearDescription
Observation PeakSawtooth Range9,151 ft1986This peak is found on page 159.
Observation Peak has a trail leading to its summit and g ... read more
Octoberfest PeakLost River Range10,800 ft1993This peak is found on page 286.
One of the shorter climbs in the Lost Rivers. Octoberfes ... read more
Old Hyndman PeakPioneer Mountains11,775 ft9551990Route information for this 11er peak is found on pages 250 to 251. New route information is found more
Old Tom MountainBannock Range8,733 ftThis peak is found on page 356.
Please be advised that there is a major typo in the book ... read more
Oxford PeakBannock Range9,300 ft40022016This p2k peak is found on page 356. Matt Durrant supplied the following detailed standard route information ... read more