Two climbers descending the lower face. There a number of cliffs to skirt around on this route and enough lose rock to trip any climber up.Peak 11967 and Idaho from White Cap Mountain.East Face of North Raker. Ray Brooks PhotoIn the picture across the lake, Pk. 9,334 is on the right.  The route follows the left skyline over Pt. 8,960+.  Judi Steciak PhotoSheep Lake from the He Devil/She Devil Col.

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PhotoPeak NameMountain RangeElevationProminenceYearDescription
Cervidae PeakBoise Mountains4,987 ft3671990, 1991, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006(X2), 2007, 2008(X2), 2009(X8), 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015Climbing information for this peak is found at page 146 in the book.
Cervidae Peak is lo ... read more
Moscow MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains4,983 ft20931985Climbing information for p2k Moscow Mountain, the highpoint of the Palouse subrange of the Clearwater Mou ... read more
Peak 4980 (Dixie Gulch Peak)Boise Mountains4,980 ft360This peak is not in the book.
Peak 4980 is located northwest of Long Tom Benchmark. U ... read more
Peak 4973Boise Mountains4,973 ft3932017This peak is not in the book.
Peak 4973 is the westernmost peak in the read more
Peak 4966 (Bender Peak)Boise Mountains4,966 ft3462018, 2019This peak is not in the book. Two routes are listed below. Additional Danskin Mountains access information ... read more
Peak 4960 (Macks Peak)Boise Mountains4,960 ft3002004This peak is not in the book.
This peak is located about 1.0 miles northeast of read more
Blacktail MountainCoeur d'Alene Mountains4,960 ft2770This peak is not in the book.
Blacktail Mountain is located on the west side of Lake Pen ... read more
Kinzie ButteSnake River Plain4,950 ft1979This volcanic cone is not found in the book and is not part of any mountain range. It is found on the Snak ... read more
Peak 4940 (Canyon Peak East) by Erik PohlmannBoise Mountains4,940 ft440This peak is not in the book. Additional Danskin Mountains access information can be found in the book at ... read more
Wildhorse Butte 4915Snake River Plain4,915 ft3452017Wildhorse Butte is located southwest of Craters of Moon National Monument and west of the Carey Kimama Desert ... read more
Federal ButteOwyhee Mountains4,901 ft2012017This peak is not in the book.
Federal Butte sits southwest of Murphy, Idaho. The peak ju ... read more
CBI BenchmarkOwyhee Mountains4,850 ft4302016This peak is not in the book. Also see the Owyhee Mo ... read more
Shares SnoutOwyhee Mountains4,837 ft6172018This peak is not in the book. Brett Sergenian provided the initial ascent information for this peak. Since ... read more
Peak 4827Owyhee Mountains4,827 ft3272016This peak is not in the book.
One of the most inconspicuous read more
Prospect Peak viewed from North Chilco Peak. The south ridge is on the right. Prospect Peak (4820)Coeur d'Alene Mountains4,820 ft6402018This peak is not in the book. Published in September 2018.
This peak is one of nine Idah ... read more
The summit of Kelly Mountain. John Platt Photo Kelly Mountain 4820Southern Clearwater Peaks4,820 ft186This peal is not in the book. Published May 2019
This is one of seven Idaho peaks named ... read more
Peak 4795 Lewis County HPCraig Mountains4,795 ft185This peak is not in the book. Published April, 2018
The highest point in Lewis County is ... read more
Sid ButteSnake River Plain4,775 ft4302017Sid Butte is located 25 miles east, southeast of Shoshone, Idaho and south of ID-24. While not excessively ste ... read more
Peak 4767 viewed from its southern summit, the Payette County High Point. Peak 4767 and Payette County High PointWest Mountains4,767 ft3072017This peak is not in the book.
Peak 4667 is located in the read more
This outcrop is the highest point of Reynolds Peak. Circle around the north side where you will find a tall step that leads to the top. There is a summit register. Peak 4749 (Reynolds Peak)Owyhee Mountains4,749 ft6092019This peak is not in the book. Published March 2019
Peak 4749 sits north of the former vi ... read more
East Moscow MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains4,721 ft1311984Climbing information for East Moscow Mountain, the lower eastern summit of the Palouse Range highpoint, Mos ... read more
Teapot DomeBoise Mountains4,713 ft5902016This peak is not in the book.
Teapot Dome was a landmark along the Oregon Trail. The pea ... read more
Peak 4700Boise Mountains4,700 ft520This peak is not in the book.
Peak 4700 is a minor Boise Mountains summit located next t ... read more
Dietrich ButteSnake River Plain4,632 ft4422017This large butte is located east of Shoshone and north of Dietrich, Idaho. The recent construction of two elec ... read more
Wilson BluffOwyhee Mountains4,628 ft2882019This peak is not in the book. Published January 2019
Wilson Bluff is the first peak you ... read more
Buck MountainOwyhee Mountains4,626 ft4492015This peak is not in the book. Also see the Owyhee Mo ... read more
Peak 4620Owyhee Mountains4,620 ft3202015This peak is not in the book. Also see the Owyhee Mo ... read more
Peak 4540Owyhee Mountains4,540 ft2802015This peak is not in the book. Also see the Owyhee Mo ... read more
Mount Coeur d’AleneSaint Joe Mountains4,439 ft1339This peak is not in the book.
Mount Coeur d'Alene is located approximately 9 miles sout ... read more
Crater ButteSnake River Plain4,432 ft1572017This Snake River Plain feature is amazingly unknown to most Idahoans. While the butte has only 157 feet of pro ... read more
Peak 4375 (Kodiak Peak)Boise Mountains4,375 ft6061998This Peak is not in the book.
This small peak is located just north of Lucky Peak Dam alon ... read more
The summit of Notch Butte. Notch ButteSnake River Plain4,335 ft3501979Notch Butte is located just southeast of Shoshone, Idaho. The building on the summit  was once a fire lookout ... read more
Flat Top Butte 4297Snake River Plain4,297 ft3622017This Flat Top Butte is located in Jerome county northeast of the junction of US-93 and ID-25. The butte's summ ... read more
Riley ButteWest Mountains4,137 ft5472017This peak is not in the book.
Riley Butte is located in the Weiser River basin, east of ... read more
Highland Mountain viewed from the north. Peak 4124 (Highland Mountain)Boise Mountains4,124 ft2642019This peak is not in the book. Published April 2018
Highland Peak is located roughly 1.8 ... read more
Peak 4105West Mountains4,105 ft315This peak is not in the book.
Peak 4105 is located west of Willow Ridge and Indian Creek ... read more
Lakeview MountainSelkirk Mountains4,074 ftThis peak is not found in the book.
  The Panhandle National Forest maintains a we ... read more
Tennison RidgeWest Mountains4,070 ft4602017This peak is not in the book. Published May 2017
Tennison Ridge is located in the Weiser ... read more
Peak 4008 (Jackson School Butte)Snake River Plain4,008 ft2016This peak is not in the book. Updated September 2019.
Jackson School Butte is located no ... read more