Two climbers descending the lower face. There a number of cliffs to skirt around on this route and enough lose rock to trip any climber up. East Face of North Raker. Ray Brooks Photo In the picture across the lake, Pk. 9,334 is on the right.  The route follows the left skyline over Pt. 8,960+.  Judi Steciak Photo Peak 11967 and Idaho from White Cap Mountain. Sheep Lake from the He Devil/She Devil Col.

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PhotoPeak NameMountain RangeElevationProminenceYearDescription
Easley PeakBoulder Mountains11,108 ft1988This peak is found on page 234.
Climb this peak and then hike over to read more
East Moscow MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains4,721 ft1311984Climbing information for East Moscow Mountain, the lower eastern summit of the Palouse Range highpoint, Mos ... read more
Echols PeakSeven Devil Mountains8,331 ft951This peak is not in the book.
Echols Peak is an attractive summit that is located north of ... read more
Ed-Da-How SpireSawtooth Range9,333 ftThis formation is found on page 167.
... read more
Eighteenmile PeakBeaverhead Range11,141 ft1991This peak is found on pages 324 and 325.
Eighteenmile Peak and its neighbors, read more
Eightmile Mountain by Collin CiarloEastern Salmon River Mountains7,871 ftThis peak is not in the book.
Eightmile Mountain is located in the Boise National Forest ... read more
El CapitanSawtooth Range9,901 ft1991This peak is found on pages 200 to 201.
El Capitan towers over the Alice Lake basin. The ... read more
Elba Peak, Jim Sage Mountains HPAlbion Range8,046 ftThis peak is not in the book.
Elba Peak is the highest point in the Malta Range aka the ... read more
Elephant Butte by Dan KruegerOwyhee Mountains3,163 ft183This peak is not in the book.
Elephant Butte is located just southwest of Sommer Camp Rd ... read more
Elephants PerchSawtooth Range9,670 ft1993This peak is discussed on pages 176 to 180.
The Elephants Perch has Idaho's most famous ... read more
Elk Mountain from the northwest. Mike Hays Photo Elk Mountain (7826) by Mike HaysSouthern Clearwater Peaks7,826 ft2166Climbing information for this p2k peak is found on page 71.
Elk Mountain is the highest ... read more
Elk PeakSawtooth Range10,582 ft11621991Climbing information for this peak is found on page 198.
Elk is one the remotest Sawtoot ... read more
Elkhorn MountainBannock Range9,095 ftThis peak is found on page 356.
Elkhorn Peak is the most impressive read more
Elkhorn PeakBig Hole and Snake River Mountains9,988 ft1983This peak is found on page 339.
  ... read more
Err PeakPioneer Mountains10,744 ft11642017Climbing information for peak is found on page 256.
Err Peak is often climbed in conjunc ... read more
Estes MountainSalmon River Mountains9,643 ftEstes Mountain is found on page 131.  This peak has been under assault by miners since the mid-1800s. The ... read more