Sheep Lake from the He Devil/She Devil Col.Two climbers descending the lower face. There a number of cliffs to skirt around on this route and enough lose rock to trip any climber up.East Face of North Raker. Ray Brooks PhotoIn the picture across the lake, Pk. 9,334 is on the right.  The route follows the left skyline over Pt. 8,960+.  Judi Steciak PhotoPeak 11967 and Idaho from White Cap Mountain.

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PhotoPeak NameMountain RangeElevationProminenceYearDescription
Abel PeakPioneer Mountains11,516 ft336Climbing information for this peak is found on pages 246-247.
Abel Peak is the 45th high ... read more
Abes ArmchairSawtooth Range9,956 ft6961994Climbing and access information for this peak is discussed on page  202.
Abes Armchair ... read more
Aggipah MountainEastern Salmon River Mountains9,920 ft980This peak is found on pages 123 and 124. Updated September 2019
Dave Pahlas recently cli ... read more
Ajax PeakBeaverhead Range10,028 ft728Climbing and access information for Ajax Peak is found on page 320. Michael climbed Ajax Peak from the Mo ... read more
Al West PeakLost River Range11,310 ft410Climbing and access information for this peak is found on page 270. Brett Sergenian has climbed a new route ... read more
Allen Mountain aka Allan MountainBitteroot Mountains9,154 ft2233Access and route information for this p2k peak is found on page 89.
Victor Zhou's though ... read more
Alpine PeakSawtooth Range9,861 ft7611986Climbing and access information for Alpine Peak is found on page 159.
Alpine Peak is loc ... read more
Alta PeakWhite Cloud Mountains10,660 ftThis peak is not in the book.
This southern White Cloud summit is located on a long east ... read more
Altair PeakPioneer Mountains11,825 ft8051997Climbing and access information for Altair is found on page 253. read more
The footings for the lookout tower are all that remains on the summit. Anderson MountainBeaverhead Range8,034 ft9352019This peak is not in the book. Updated July 2019
Anderson Peak is located at the northern ... read more
Anderson PeakBoulder Mountains9,339 ft1995This peak is found on page 232.
In June, when the higher peaks are still covered by snow ... read more
AndromedaPioneer Mountains11,620 ft360This peak is not in the book. Judi Steciak, Carl Hamke and Derek Percoski have ... read more
Ant Butte. John Platt Photo Ant ButteSeven Devil Mountains7,048 ft348This peak is not in the book. Published July 2019
Ant Butte is located in the southeaste ... read more
Antares PeakPioneer Mountains10,651 ft1988
Find this peak on page 256.
... read more
Appendicitis HillPioneer Mountains8,523 ft1903This peak is not in the book. Published June 2019
Appendicitis Hill is located northwest ... read more
Archie Mountain from Jackson Peak. Archie MountainBoise Mountains7,665 ft8402018Archie Mountain is not in the book.
Archie Mountain is located east/southeast of Lowman, ... read more
The Southeast Ridge of Arco Hills HP is on the left-half of the photo with Point 7352 being the forested, rocky outcrop just L of center. You cannot see the summit from here, it is behind Point 7352 by a good ¼ mile. The large, concrete-based cattle cistern which serves as the starting point for the Southeast Ridge Route. Livingston Douglas Photo Arco Hills High Point by Livingston DouglasLost River Range7,380 ft840This peak is not in the book. Livingston reported that “This was probably the single most dangerous, mos ... read more
Arco Peak from it's lower southeast ridge. Steve Mandella photo. Arco PeakLost River Range7,547 ft607This peak is not in the book. Margo Mandella prepared the original post. Livingston Douglas provided two a ... read more
Argosy PeakAlbion Range10,377 ft3572017This peak not in the book.
Argosy Peak is located about one mile southwest of read more
Arid PeakSaint Joe Mountains5,356 ft40This peak is not in the book.
read more
This photo shows the east side. But you climb the west side. I think you drop through a saddle on the left and drop down a bit, then scramble back up to the beginning of the route. The route goes up sort of the center of the face. Not a lot of pro, yet it’s 5.9. John Platt Photo ArrowheadSawtooth Range10,249 ft80Climbing and access information for this formation is found on page 185.
This formation ... read more
Avalanche PeakBoulder Mountains9,433 ft1983Climbing information for this peak is found on page 234.
This peak, along with read more