The Grand Slam Peaks

The Grand Slam Peaks are 4 peaks near Boise that I have used for Spring Training for many years. These peaks generally melt out early and offer an enjoyable range of hiking experiences for people anxious to get out into the mountains.

I generally climb the peaks starting with [the lowest] Cervidae Peak because it always melts out first. It is often snow-free by mid-February. I then tackle Kepros Mountain. Kepros offers ridge walking with great views. It is a 10-mile up-and-down hike, which really will stretch your legs. As a bonus, you can climb Peak 5380 that lies midway between the trailhead and the summit of Kepros Mountain.

Shaw Mountain/Lucky Peak is #3 on the list. My favorite route for this peak is from ID-21 where the Highland Valley Road leaves the highway. I like to mountain bike this route because it makes the descent pure joy. There is no better place to view Boise than from the top of this peak.

Finally, Mount Heinen is the real test for your conditioning program. If you can climb Heinen and feel strong doing it, you are probably ready to tackle higher peaks. If you take the standard route, you will find that it’s a real challenge and is an extremely enjoyable route. Scroll down the page for links to “Extra Innings Peaks” for additional Spring climbing ideas.

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Grand Slam—Records!

—Fasted Times Completely Self-Propelled:

  • Erik Pohlmann started the competition of climbing all 4 peaks self propelled when he completed the peaks in just over 20 hours. Read about Erik Pohlmann’s adventure by clicking on this sentence.
  • Emily Berriochoa, Tony Huff and John Odle completed the Grand Slam Peaks on May 21, 2016 in 13 hours, 53 minutes. They started from the Black’s Creek Road, climbed Kepros, descended to Arrow Rock Reservoir, crossed Arrowrock in a canoe, climbed Heinen, then Cervidea and finally ascending Shaw Mountain/Lucky Peak. They then descended to the Lucky 13 restaurant in Harris Ranch reaching the end in 14 hours, 58 minutes. Other than the canoe crossing, their journey was 100% foot travel. Emily is the only woman to complete the non vehicle shuttle Slam.
  • Benjamin Monaghan currently holds the record at 12 hours, 34 minutes and 48 seconds. He accomplished this time in November 2020 after Anthony Jacobs broke Benjamin’s prior record. See  Fastest Know Time.

Fastest Times Traditional Vehicle Shuttle Between Peaks:  

  • Anne Hamby and Matt Stallings set a new speed record on Thursday, October 13, 2022 by completing the Challenge in a time of 10 hours and 27 minutes, including driving time. Their run time was 9 hours and 8 minutes and driving time was 1 hour and 19 minutes. They started with Kepros at 6:00am then completed Shaw, Cervidae, and finished Heinen at 4:27pm.
  • Daniel Frashier completed the Grand Slam on May 23rd, 2022 in 12 hours, 58 minutes. He started with Heinen at 6:00am and finished with Kerpos at 6:58Pm.
  • P.A Campbell brokers his previous personal best completing the Grand Slam on May 22, 2021 in 13 hours, 29 minutes.
  • On June 6, 2021, Alexis Bennett completed the single-day challenge with a total time of 13 hours and 31 minutes, becoming the second woman to finish the task and setting a new women’s fastest known time.
  • Emily Wooley completed the Grand Slam on May 22, 2021 in 15 hours, 18 minutes. She was the first woman to complete the Grand Slam in a day using a shuttle. On May 30th, 2022, Emily tortured herself once again successfully coming in at 14 hours 24 minutes, improving her 2021.
  • Mandy Jenkins completed all four peaks in at 15 hours 55 minutes on May 30th, 2022.
  • James Petzke completed the Grand Slam in 14 hours, 2 minutes and 40 seconds on June 15, 2020. Read about James’ adventure at this link: 35.7 Miles and 11,493 Vertical Feet: Breaking the Boise Grand Slam Record. James’ also prepared well though out rules for the competition. Read them at this link: Rules
  • P.A. Campbell climbed all 4 Grand Slam Peaks on Sunday, June 10, 2018. Campbell started with Mount Heinen at 5:20AM followed by Cervidae, Lucky Peak and finishing with Kepros. Campbell’s total time, including driving, was 16 hours and 25 minutes. He used the following routes: Mount Heinen (Irish Creek Standard Route); Cervidae Peak (Southeast Ridge Standard Route); Lucky Peak (Canyon Springs/Homestead Route staying on the road, no short cuts) and; Kepros Mountain (Standard Route using Bypasses #2 and #3).

—Lifetime Grand Slams:

  • 18 Tom Lopez

The Grand Slam Peaks

(Click on the Peak Name to Read About Each Peak)

Cervidae Peak

On the main crest approaching the summit.

On the main crest approaching the summit.

Kepros Mountain

The summit off in the distance.

The summit off in the distance.

Shaw Mountain

Shaw Mountain.

Shaw Mountain

Mount Heinen 

The summit of Heinen as you approach from the north.

The summit of Mount Heinen as you approach it from the north.

Extra Inning Peaks

If you want additional Spring Training peaks close to Boise, check out the following summits.

Macks Peak

Macks Peak. Dan Robbins Photo

Macks Peak. Dan Robbins Photo

Peak 5090 and Peak 5100

Peak 5090 viewed from the south. The old road that follows the ridge line to this peak and Peak 5100 is closed to motor vehicles.

Peak 5090 as viewed from the south. The old road that follows the ridgeline to this peak and Peak 5100 is closed to motor vehicles.

Peak 5100 sits at the head of Lime Creek and west of Grouse Creek on the western end of the Danskin Mountains.

Peak 5100 sits at the head of Lime Creek and west of Grouse Creek on the West End of the Danskin Mountains.

Plan B Peak

Peak 5180 viewed from its western most summit.

Peak 5180 as viewed from its West Summit.

Hutton Peak

The absolute top on 2-11-2015.

The absolute top (2/11/15).

Kodiak Peak

Kodiak Peak from Idaho 21. Dan Rovbins Photo

Kodiak Peak as viewed from ID-21. Dan Robbins Photo