Andy Henning

Andy Hennig was the author of the first Idaho backcountry ski guidebook, “Sun Valley Ski Guide,” which was published in 1948. Unfortunately, the guide is long out of print and hard, if not impossible, to find. (There is a preserved copy at the Ketchum library.) Henning moved to Sun Valley prior to WWII to work as a guide for the Sun Valley Company. During the war he served with the famous 10th Mountain Division.

The cover of the Sun Valley Ski Guide Andy Henning. Basil Service Collection

The cover of the Sun Valley Ski Guide Andy Henning. Basil Service Collection

Basil Service, a friend of Henning, notes that “Henning was from Salzburg, Austria …[he] had an extraordinary love of climbing as well as skiing. To Andreas Hennig, “a mountain was a gift of nature to man king, something to be admired and to be awed by.” Before he came to Sun Valley, Hennig had quite a reputation as a ski mountaineer and rock climber in the Alps, with an enviable collection of first ascents to his credit. I first had a chat with Andy in 1976 when he recommended as my first Sun Valley Ski Mountaineering descent, Johnston Peak by way of Uncle John’s Gulch, in the Pioneer Mountains. After that, I was hooked. Thru the 80s and early 90s, I skied hundreds of Andy’s routes which he generously provided to me. Andy passed away in my home town of Pocatello, Idaho, in 1993. Today, I am still skiing Andy’s ski routes.”

The following is from the dust cover of Henning’s book.

You can read more about Andy Henning on pages 18 and 19 of the book and at Basil’s website where he has an extensive discussion of Sun Valley’s European guides at this link: Alpine Touring /Ski Mountaineering Ski History of Sun Valley.

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