Bitterroot Mountains

The Bitterroot Mountains are covered in the book from page 82 through page 94. Please check those pages for additional information. The Bitterroot Mountains are a group of mountains primarily created by map makers and not by fault blocking or granitic intrusions. The map makers’ creation combines parts of the Coeur d’Alene and Clearwater Mountains to form a long narrow … Continue reading

Shoshone Range

The Shoshone Range is a small subrange which is tucked into the west side of the Bitterroot Mountains northeast of Kellogg. This small, north-to-south trending range is roughly I2 miles long and 5 miles in width. It is separated from the Coeur d’Alene Mountains on the west by the Coeur d’Alene River and from the Bitterroot by Big Creek and … Continue reading

Peak 6540

This peak is not in the book. Peak 6540 is the first peak north of Lolo Pass on the Bitterroot crest. FS-595 leaves the pass and climbs to a junction on the west side of the peak in 3.6 miles. Large clearcuts cover this peak rather than a thick forest which has allowed visitors to see outstanding views of the … Continue reading

Peak 5684

This peak is not in the book. This is the first peak on the Bitterroot crest south of Lolo Pass. Like many peaks in this area it is covered by thick forests on one side and an old clearcut on another slope. To climb the peak look for a gated road leaving the south side of US-12 just east of … Continue reading

Peak 7657

This peak is not in the book. Peak 7657 sits on the Idaho/Montana border south of Wahoo Pass and west of the Twin Lakes at the upper end of Montana’s Lost Trail Pass. I got snowed out of the area after climbing Peak 7544 in late June 2016. However, before leaving I spotted cairns leading up toward the summit from … Continue reading

Peak 7544

This peak is not in the book. Peak 7544 sits northwest of the Twin Lakes with Wahoo Pass on its south ridge and Lost Horse Pass on it’s eastern ridge. The peak is accessed via the Lost Horse Road from US-93 south of Hamilton, Montana. This good gravel road leads 20.0 miles into Bitterroot Mountains to a trailhead between the … Continue reading

Peak 8180

This peak is not in the book. Peak 8180 is the southernmost Bitterroot Mountains summit on the range’s crest. It is located due west of US-93 at Lost Trail Pass and it is the higest point of the Lost Trail Pass Ski Resort. Its summit is reached by a ski lift and a road. The road leaves the ski area’s … Continue reading

Peak 6927

This peak is not in the book. This peak sits directly on the Bitterroot Mountains crest and the Idaho-Montana border. Dan Saxton provided the following information on the peak: “It’s not that significant of a peak, and I actually don’t have any distinctive photos of it from a distance (the pic below is of me on top). Basically, it is … Continue reading

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