Missouri Ridge

This peak is not in the book. Missouri Ridge is located due south of Pinnacles Peak. Climbing directions for Pinnacles Peak are found on page 121 of the book. The Missouri Ridge Route also works for ascents of Pinnacles Peak. Take the Missouri Creek trail until you reach a cabin. From this point, an old trail proceeds to the top … Continue reading

Peak 8817

This peak is not in the book. Peak 8817 is another peak that is along the main route to Big Baldy Peak. The summit can be easily reached from the trail, FST-088 [(C)(1.4)(a) or (1.3.2)(a)]. Use the links below to read about John Platt and Dave Pahlas’ 2016 ascent of the peak. Class 2. USGS Big Chief Creek … Continue reading

Peak 9160

This peak is not in the book. Located deep in the River of No Return Wilderness, Peak 9160 sits due west of Buck Lake and is easily climbed from the trail to Big Baldy Peak which passes over its northern ridge at 8,800 feet. Keep in mind the true summit is on the north end of the summit ridge and … Continue reading

Peak 9109

This peak is not in the book. Peak 9109 is located on the Big Baldy Ridge in the River of No Return Wilderness. The trail to Big Baldy passes right below it’s summit. I walked right by it in 1991. John Platt and Dave Pahlas recently crossed it’s summit. John provided the following photo. Use the links below to see … Continue reading

Pistol Rock

Climbing and access information for this peak is found on page 117. Pistol Rock is located northeast of Chilcoot Peak in the River of No Return Wilderness. The peak, which has 1,298 feet of prominence,  has a lower southern summit identified as Trapper Mountain. Use the links below for John Platt’s and Dave Pahlas’ 2016 trip reports which recounts more … Continue reading

Chilcoot Peak

Access and climbing information for this Peak is found on page 118. Chilcoot Peak is located on the western edge of the River of No Return Wilderness. A fire lookout was placed on the summit in 1933. The lookout was destroyed in 1969. This area is seldom visited by peakbaggers and a 2016 ascent of the peak by John Platt and … Continue reading

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