Favorite Boulder Mountains

The Boulder Mountains are comprised of four major divides: The Northern Divide, the Sheep Divide, the East Fork Salmon/North Fork Big Lost Divide and the Boulder Front. The range is composed of granite, Challis Volcanic material and highly metamorphosed rocks that have been extensively shattered and faulted. These mountains encompass a wide variety of mountain shapes over a large swath … Continue reading

Peak 10860

This peak is not in the book. Ragged and remote Peak 10860 is located due north of Griswold Peak where it divides the East and West Pass Creek drainages. The peak is Class 3 via either its north or south ridge with a Class 4 summit block. George Reinier states of the north ridge, “Some would classify the summit block … Continue reading

Meridian Peak

Route information for this peak is found on page 233. Meridian Peak is located on the impressive ridge that divides the East Fork Salmon River from the North Fork Big Lost River. Use the link below to read Dan Robbins’ trip report of his early season, Class 2 hike, via Hunter Creek. USGS Topo: Meridian Peak … Continue reading

Peak 10185

This peak is not in the book. Peak 10185, unofficially named Rip and Tear Peak by Rick Baugher, is located on the Boulder Front crest. This is a horn shaped summit reminiscent of the Boulder Mountains most famous horn shaped peak, Mystery Peak. The peak is accessed via the Gladiator Creek trailhead which is easily reached via ID-75 by the … Continue reading

Peak 10500 (Senate Peak)

This peak is not in the book. Senate Mountain is located northwest of Galena Peak on the main Boulder Mountains crest at the top of Senate Creek. The peak can be climbed by either a long, arching ridge walk or a steep, direct ascent up the drainage. Both routes begins at the end of the Senate Creek Road. Both routes … Continue reading

Peak 10835

This peak is not in the book. This seldom visited Boulder summit sits north of Galena Peak. The shortest access to the peak is from ID-75 and Senate Creek. This route involves a strenuous climb just to get to the Galena Peak/Peak 10500 (Senate Peak) saddle before you will even see the peak. Use the link below to access George … Continue reading

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