The Boise Mountain topography holds more than 20 mountain lakes and 35 named summits. Its terrain runs the gamut from gentle and rolling, to rocky and vertical. Two Point Mountain, which reaches 10,124 feet, is the highest point. There are dozens of great summits in the range which range from long foothills romps like Heinen Peak to great ridge walks … Continue reading

Trinity Mountains

The name Trinity Mountains refers to a rugged north/south ridgeline that runs from Dog Mountain (just above Anderson Ranch Reservoir) to Sheep Mountain (just north of the Middle Fork Boise River). The name was used by miners but has not been officially adopted by the government. Trinity Mountain is the highest point on this ridge at 9,451 feet. Other notable … Continue reading

Danskin Mountains

The Danskin Mountains are a complex subrange of the Boise Mountain. These peaks are discussed on pages 152 and 153. The subrange is bordered by the South Fork Salmon River along its northern flank and the Snake River Plain to its south. it is mostly treeless. Danskin Peak is the highest point in this subrange. This web site covers many … Continue reading

Peak 5587

This peak is not in the book. Peak 5587 sits southeast of Grape Mountain and due south of Peak 5424. These three peaks surround the Trail Creek drainage. The peak was burned over at some point in the past. The forest is not recovering well but the brush is healthy. The summit has an outstanding view of the South Fork Boise River’s … Continue reading

Peak 5440

This peak is not in the book. Peak 5440 is located east of Slide Gulch. This peak offers a nice early season destination. The peak’s upper slopes are mostly treeless and easy to climb. Access the peak by taking the Middle Fork Boise River to the Slide Gulch Road. [Access [(C)(1) on page 154.] Follow the Slide Gulch Road southeast to … Continue reading

Peak 6300

This peak is not in the book. Peak 6300 is located south of the Middle Fork Boise River. The peak is drained by Elk Creek, Corral Creek and Alder Creek. Access the peak from Middle Fork Boise River and Slide Gulch roads. Access [(C)(1) on page 154.] Follow the Slide Gulch Road southeast from the Middle Fork to the first pass which … Continue reading

Peak 5424

This peak is not in the book. Peak 5424 is located west of Slide Gulch and south of the Middle Fork Boise River. Access [(C)(1) on page 154.]  The peak can be climbed from Trail Creek on the south or from the pass on the peak’s east ridge. USGS Long Gulch Access Access the peak by taking the Middle Fork Boise … Continue reading

Peak 4973

This peak is not in the book. Peak 4973 is the westernmost peak in the Danskin Mountains. The peak sits just east of Lucky Peak Reservoir. Kepros Peak is located to the northeast and Peak 5380 is found east, southeast of this summit. I was told that a few people have boated across the reservoir and climbed the peak’s western … Continue reading

Don Benchmark

This peak is not in the book. Don Benchmark is an easy climb with exceptional views. The peak is located just north of ID-21. Access the peak via the Pony Creek Road, FS-131 [(E)(1)], which leaves ID-20 15.5 miles north of Mountain Home. This road parallels the peak’s western slopes. Ascend these slopes from any point along the 0.5 miles … Continue reading

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