The Snake River Plain

The Snake River Plain is the largest contiguous geologic feature in Idaho. The Plain forms a large crescent stretching from Yellowstone Park in the State’s northeast corner across the state through Idaho Falls, American Falls, Burly, Twin Falls, Mountain Home and into Oregon around Ontario, Oregon. The Plain was formed by volcanic activity that has left its mark throughout the … Continue reading

Flat Top Butte 4297

This Flat Top Butte is located in Jerome county northeast of the junction of US-93 and ID-25. The butte’s summit is a long north-south trending affair with numerous electronics installations. There is not much to recommend this summit other than the view which is expansive. Look at the topo map linked below to access the peak as my attempt to … Continue reading

Sid Butte

Sid Butte is located 25 miles east, southeast of Shoshone, Idaho and south of ID-24. While not excessively steep the butte is still well defined. Its summit is large, broad and flat grass covered. The highest point is on its south side on a rock knoll. There is a cinder pit on the northern side of the summit. Google Maps … Continue reading

Dietrich Butte

This large butte is located east of Shoshone and north of Dietrich, Idaho. The recent construction of two electronics towers on the summit was accompanied by road work. The remains of the butte’s crater are found on the north side of the summit. On March 28, 2017 the crater Contained a shallow lake. Access the butte from the paved Dietrich … Continue reading

Crater Butte

This Snake River Plain feature is amazingly unknown to most Idahoans. While the butte has only 157 feet of prominence its massive crater is the largest I have visited in Idaho and dwarfs anything at Craters of the Moon National Monument. There are no signs pointing out the feature. Crater Butte is located east of Shoshone and north of Dietrich, … Continue reading

Wildhorse Butte 4915

Wildhorse Butte is located southwest of Craters of Moon National Monument and west of the Carey Kimama Desert Road in Lincoln County. This volcanic butte does not appear to have been active for a long time. Its crater is filled with dirt and vegetation. The most interesting feature is a rock dome in the crater. The views are spectacular when … Continue reading

Table Legs Butte by Margo Mandella

Summit Block of Table Legs Butte. Photo - Steve Mandella.

Table Legs Butte is located approximately 3 miles southeast of Atomic City, Idaho, on public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This butte, and several other buttes, are visible from Idaho Highway 26. TheĀ butte’s summit block is actually made up of a number of small “summits,” which may be why it is named Table Legs Butte, as … Continue reading

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