The Lost River Range stretches 70 miles from northwest to southeast between Challis and Arco. The Big Lost River Valley and Salmon River flank the range on the west, and the Little Lost and Pahsimeroi rivers are along its east side. The range contains not only the highest point in Idaho, 12,662-foot Borah Peak, but also seven of the state’s … Continue reading

Hawley Mountains

The Hawley Mountains are a subrange of the Lost River Range formed by a ridgeline that parallels the main Lost River Crest. Located east of the main crest in the Little Lost River Valley, this subsidiary ridge is roughly 10 miles long. Hawley Mountain, at 9,752 feet, is its highest point. In addition to Hawley Mountain two other points on … Continue reading

Howe Peak

Howe Peak is not in the book. The second highest point in the Jumpoff Peak subrange of the Lost River Range is the most heavily forested terrain in the subrange. It’s summit contains a large electronics facility. See the Jumpoff Peak page for access information. USGS Howe Peak A road leads to the summit but since the road sees little … Continue reading

Peak 9004

This peak is not in the book. Peak 9004 is located due north of Jumpoff Peak. The two peaks are connected by a ridge and the easiest way to climb this peak is to traverse this ridge. A jeep track descends north from the saddle between Jumpoff Peak’s two summits and then cuts northeast toward this peak. Follow this road … Continue reading

Jumpoff Peak

This peak is not in the book. Jumpoff Peak is the highest point in a group of mountains that comprise the southern end of the Lost River Range. This peanut shaped group which stretches from east of Arco to north of Howe, Idaho is arguably a subgroup of┬áthe the Lost River Range. The western end is named the Arco Hills. … Continue reading

Donaldson Peak

Idaho 12er

This peak is found on page 278. Donaldson Peak is located in the Lost River Mountain Range in the Challis National Forest. One of the nine Idaho 12ers, Donaldson Peak is the 8th tallest peak in the State of Idaho. It is an impressive summit with a long approach and a steep, rotten headwall to climb. I recently climbed the … Continue reading

Peak 8082

This peak is not in the book. This peak is located 1.0 mile south of Peak 8150 on the ridge that parallels US-93 from Arco, Idaho to Moore, Idaho. You can the peak from almost any direction but the easiest route is follow the ridge south from Peak 8150. USGS Arco North     … Continue reading

Peak 8150

This peak is not in the book. This peak is located east of Moore, Idaho on the north end of a moderate ridge that runs south from its summit to Arco Peak and ends just east of Arco, Idaho. The ridge parallels US-93. Access the peak from the King Peak Launch Site Road. [(B)(17)] Follow the road until it switchbacks … Continue reading

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