The Beaverhead Mountains forms the Idaho/Montana border and the Continental Divide for nearly 200 miles, from Chief Joseph Pass and Montana-43, north of Salmon, to Monida Pass and I-15, north of Dubois. Many maps still call this range the Bitterroot Mountains. The Beaverhead crest is graced with pristine glacial cirques, massive limestone cliffs, knife-edged ridges and dozens of imposing summits. … Continue reading

Dead Horse Summit

Climbing information for this peak is found on pages 326-327. Dead Horse Summit is a large mountain located west of the main Beacerhead crest. Three drainages, Indian Head Canyon, Cliff Creek and Mahogany Gulch drop down to the west from this peak’s broad summit. The book covers Rick Baugher’s ascent via Mahogany Gulch. More recently Bob Boltonmclimbed the peak from … Continue reading

Heart Mountain

Climbing information for this peak is found on page 327. Heart Mountain is a Beaverhead peak that you do not hear climbers discussing because it’s tucked away in a seldom visited section of the range and is overshadowed by nearby Scott Peak. Larry climbed it on December 22, 2014. His winter ascent is the first one reported. See his trip report … Continue reading

Peak 10020 (South Freeman Peak)

This peak is not in the book. South Freeman Peak is located just south of Freeman Peak. When I climbed Freeman Peak, I ignored the peak because I did not realize it rose 440 feet from its saddle with Freeman Peak. Other than the following photo, I have not information on the peak but the photo shows it is a … Continue reading

PEAK 10404 (Dianes Peak)

This peak is not in the book. This is another impressive Beaverhead Range peak which is overlooked by climbers because it does not have an official name. It sits on the Continental Divide above Willow Creek. Access this peak from the Willow Creek Road [(B)(7.2)]. Route information is found down the page. USGS Eighteenmile Peak Here is Rick Baugher’s trip … Continue reading

Indian Creek Butte

This peak is not in the book. The following information was provided by Rick Baugher. Indian Creek Butte is located in section of the Beaverhead Range that runs from Italian Peak to Monida Pass which is often referred to as Tendoy section of the range. USGS Indian Creek   … Continue reading

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