Tango Peaks

The Tango Peaks are a north south ridge found in the southeast corner of the eastern Salmon River Mountains north northeast of Stanley, Idaho. It includes Mount Loening, Last Tango Peak, Cabin Creek Peak and Red Mountain. Additionally, there is an unnamed peak comprised of three dark rock towers that I call the The Black Tower that, as far as I know, … Continue reading

Bighorn Crags

The Bighorn Crags are described on pages 122 to126 and there is an access map on page 143. The Bighorn Crags form a distinctive, high-granite divide more than 20 miles in length which towers nearlyh 1,000 feet above the surrounding mountains. The Bighorn Crags offer many excellent challenges to mountaineers and a surprising amount of good rock to challenge rock … Continue reading

Sheephorn Mountain

This peak is not in the book. I must admit, I ignored Sheephorn Mountain when I wrote the book because it had a road to its summit. Big Mistake! This is an impressive peak with great views. The peak is located on the eastern edge of the Salmon River Mountains between Challis and Salmon in the Salmon National Forest. To … Continue reading

Eightmile Mountain by Collin Ciarlo

This peak is not in the book. Eightmile Mountain is located in the Boise National Forest. It is found northwest of the South Fork Payette River, West Spring Creek, and Warm Springs Campground. Eightmile Mountain is a moderate hike at 4.5 miles (one way) and 3500+ feet elevation gain. The trailhead is located on the eastern side of the Warm … Continue reading

Pinyon Peak by Victor Zhou

This peak is not in the book. Thanks to Victor for his contribution on this interesting and remote summit.. Pinyon Peak is a solitary massif in the heart of the Eastern Salmon River Mountains. It is high enough on its own merits but due to its location on the opposite side of the Loon and Mayfield Creek drainages to the … Continue reading

White Valley Mountain

This peak is not in the book. White Valley Mountain is the next peak north from the North Twin Peak. I have not climbed it or talked to anyone who has. Figuring out the best access will be the crux of the climb. You could always climb it from the summit of North Twin but then you would have to … Continue reading

Peak 9505

This peak is not in the book. This unnamed Salmon River Peak sits west of Peak 9446 which in turn sits west of Woodtick Summit. The most efficient way to climb this peak appears to follow the ridge from Woodtick Summit over Peak 9446 and climb the peak from the adjoining saddle. I have only viewed the route from a distance … Continue reading

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