Lost River Range

The Lost River Range stretches 70 miles from northwest to southeast between Challis and Arco. The Big Lost River Valley and Salmon River flank the range on the west, and the Little Lost and Pahsimeroi rivers are along its east side. The range contains not only the highest point in Idaho, 12,662-foot Borah Peak, but also seven of the state’s … Continue reading

Hawley Mountains

The Hawley Mountains are a subrange of the Lost River Range formed by a ridgeline that parallels the main Lost River Crest. Located east of the main crest in the Little Lost River Valley, this subsidiary ridge is roughly 10 miles long. Hawley Mountain, at 9,752 feet, is its highest point. In addition to Hawley Mountain two other points on … Continue reading


ACCESS UPDATES: Click For Updates The White Knob Mountains are a compact group of sedimentary peaks located west of Mackay. The range’s west to east trending crest is about 30 miles in length and 10 miles in width. The East Fork Big Lost River and the Big Lost River almost completely encircle the White Knob Mountains, forming the range’s southern, … Continue reading


The White Cloud Mountains, located southeast of Stanley and lie totally within the boundaries of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA). The range is oval-shaped and about 22 miles long and 20 miles wide. In August of 2015, a large portion of the White Clouds Mountains (and the Boulder Mountains) were finally designated as an official wilderness. Many thanks to … Continue reading


By almost any measure, the Pioneer Mountains is Idaho’s premier mountain range. Its peaks are high and wild. The rock is good. The scenic vistas are terrific. The lakes are pristine. The range stretches from west to east between Ketchum and Arco, Idaho covering a distance of nearly 50 miles. At its widest, the range is nearly 25 miles wide. … Continue reading


The Lemhi Range is a quintessential linear mountain chain that runs from Salmon in a southeasterly direction for 100 miles to the Snake River Plain. It varies in width from 10 to 15 miles. The Pahsimeroi and Little Lost River Valleys border the range on its western side, and the Lemhi and Birch Creek Valleys parallel its eastern side. The … Continue reading

Peak 10860

This peak is not in the book. Ragged and remote Peak 10860 is located due north of Griswold Peak where it divides the East and West Pass Creek drainages. The peak is Class 3 via either its north or south ridge with a Class 4 summit block. George Reinier states of the north ridge, “Some would classify the summit block … Continue reading

Meridian Peak

Route information for this peak is found on page 233. Meridian Peak is located on the impressive ridge that divides the East Fork Salmon River from the North Fork Big Lost River. Use the link below to read Dan Robbins’ trip report of his early season, Class 2 hike, via Hunter Creek. USGS Topo: Meridian Peak … Continue reading

Bald Mountain 9006

Climbing information for this peak is found on page 310. Yet another Bald Mountain. This lesser Lemhi Range summit sits east of the main crest. Although the peak just barely tops 9,000 feet, getting to its summit requires over 3,600 feet of elevation gain. Southest Ridge, Class 2 Larry Prescott climbed this route in May of 2016 with his son … Continue reading

Peak 10220 (Liberty Mountain)

This peak is not in the book. Note the USGS Gilmore Quad shows the elevation as 10,111. More recent measurements put the elevation at 10,220 feet. Liberty Peak is located due east of Idaho State Highway 28 (ID-28) at Gilmore Summit and east of Meadow Lake. Based on my observations, I believe the peak can be climbed via its northern … Continue reading

Peak 10715 (Mount Inspiration)

Climbing information for this peak is found on page 305. Mount Inspiration is, well, inspiring. The name was suggested by Rick Baugher who made the first recorded ascent. The ridge between Inspiration and Prescott Peak is passable. The most efficient route from the east is to follow the ridge from Prescott. Rick Baugher climbed the peak from the west. Class 3 … Continue reading

Peak 10693 (Prescott Peak)

This peak is not in the book. Prescott Peak is located on the main Lemhi Range crest between Mount Inspiration and Medusa. The peak presents an impressive 1,700-foot north face toward Davis Creek. The peak was unofficially named after Larry Prescott who died near its summit on October 29, 2016. A group of climbers, led by Larry’s friend John Platt, summitted the … Continue reading

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